Testimonial #1

Michele Persico of Summerfield, Fla., has been a mobile dog groomer since 2002. She operates out of a 2017 Ford* Transit van equipped with everything she needs to service her customers’ pets, including a pair of dryers, multiple water pumps, a “Super Sudser” bathing system and an air conditioner to combat the brutal Florida heat. Summer temperatures often hit 100°F (38°C), which can take a toll on small engines. The humidity only adds to the challenge. “The ‘feels-like’ temperature was 111°F (44°C) one day,” said Persico. Realizing the severe conditions under which Persico’s generator operates all day, a technician at Riley Auto Electric, in Homassasa, Fla., recommended AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Small-Engine Oil. He said it was the best oil on the market and that he used it himself.

Persico made the switch. After running the generator for a couple weeks in the July heat with no shutdowns during the day, Persico decided to check the oil level. “I had been worried all week with the heat, anticipating the normal, low oil level,” said Persico.

“Much to my very pleasant surprise, the generator just needed a small shot of oil and the oil was still clear and looked amazing,” she said. “After 20 or 30 hours running the OEM oil, it’s really dark. But AMSOIL was so transparent, I had to look twice at the dipstick to make sure I had oil. I am thrilled! This machine is my lifeline; if it doesn’t run, my business stops dead.

Testimonial #2

Ray McClelland, owner of Full Throttle Kustomz performance shop, in New Castle, Pa., compares adding more power to his turbodiesel truck to building a house – he started with a foundation and worked his way up. The mortar that binds the foundation is AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. “I’ve always run AMSOIL fluids since the day I bought it,” McClelland said. “AMSOIL is a proven product.”

Testimonial #3

Most people can’t believe it when Randy Melvin tells them his 2000 Volkswagen Beetle has 500,000 miles (804,700 km) on it. The UPS tractor-trailer driver from Troutman, N.C., commutes 125 miles (201 km) round trip between home and Winston-Salem, N.C., each day. When it came time to purchase a new vehicle back in 1999, he opted for a VW TDI thanks to its high estimated fuel economy, despite the car’s poor reviews. “If you go back to the Consumer Reports reviews on that 2000 Beetle, they’re terrible,” said Melvin. “My dad said, ‘Why are you getting that? The reviews are so bad.’” But Melvin knew a Volkswagen mechanic nearby whom he trusted and he wanted the fuel-economy benefits of a diesel. After buying the car, the dealership performed the first three oil changes using Castrol.* Then Melvin switched to AMSOIL synthetic diesel oil exclusively and today uses Signature Series 5W30 Max Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil. “It’s proven to me, especially if you can get a half-million miles with no engine failure whatsoever. The thing runs just as powerfully as it ever did.” Melvin used to have a pre-owned 2001 Volkswagen with the same 1.9L diesel engine. “It only had 192,000 miles (309,000 km), but my 2000 would have run circles around it.”

Testimonial #4

Dealer Mark Neibuhr of Sequim, Wash. has a 1974 Evinrude Silver Starflite 135 hp outboard that he still uses. “I acquired this boat around ‘93 or ‘94, (totally stripped and gutted) and was given the outboard, which needed rebuilding,” Neibuhr said. It was 2001 when he had the boat seaworthy and the Evinrude rebuilt, he said. He used the boat in Louisiana before he installed AMSOIL products, Neibuhr said. He had installed the AMSOIL 100:1 oil when he was in Wisconsin, where the boat was used almost exclusively for water skiing in Lake Nebagamon, a small lake in the northern part of the state. Since 2012, he’s used the boat for salmon fishing and crabbing in the salt water of Washington’s Puget sound. “After many years and hundreds of hours of use in Louisiana and Wisconsin, I moved west to Washington in 2012, where I continue using the boat in the salt water,” Neibuhr said. “It’s still going very strong, like-new compression readings and super smooth running and plenty of power still.” Sometime in 2006 or 2007, Niebuhr started using AMSOIL Outboard Synthetic 2 Stroke Oil. “I immediately noticed a big reduction in smoke, especially at idle speeds …,” he said. “The engine has never had any problems whatsoever while running AMSOIL 100:1 oil,” Neibuhr said. “I recently had to open up the powerhead due to a water problem. Upon disassembly, I was amazed at the internal condition of the bearings, cylinder liners, piston and rings, and the overall cleanliness of the internal parts. Most impressive was the complete absence of carbon deposits on the piston tops and ring grooves. I was amazed that after almost 10 years of using AMSOIL the engine looked as good as it did when I rebuilt it in 2001.”

Testimonial #5

Timberline Landscaping of Colorado Springs, Colo. has offered residential and commercial customers a full range of landscaping services since 1982, including landscape design, construction and maintenance. As any business owner can attest, reliable equipment is key to success. Timberline owner Tim Emick counts on AMSOIL products to keep his company’s vehicles and equipment in top working order.

Extended Equipment Life

Extending equipment life is essential to any landscaping company’s bottom line. Emick has accomplished this by using a multistage approach that focuses on purchasing high-quality equipment, using premium AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and following sound maintenance practices. The approach has allowed Timberline Landscaping to double the life of its zero-turn mowers, “going from a three- to four-year life span to a six- to seven-year life span,” said Emick. The company has had similar success with its work trucks, “keeping them eight to 13 years” rather than trading them in every four years. With respect to his skid-steers, Emick keeps them “until they reach the 5,000-hour mark, and due to our good maintenance practices and use of AMSOIL products, they’re in such good condition that we’re able to sell them for 2/3 of the original purchase price.”

Increased Reliability and Performance

“We don’t tolerate poor-performing equipment in this business,” said Emick. “It eats into our money-making ability and impacts the crew both physically and mentally. Downtime is not tolerated. If you’re not being productive, you’re not making money. If equipment doesn’t perform well, we simply boot it from the inventory. AMSOIL products have made a noticeable difference to the reliability and performance of our equipment.”

Severe-Service Protection

Among the many jobs Timberline performs for its customers is snow removal, often a daunting task following a heavy Colorado snowfall. In these instances, Emick and his employees push their equipment to the limit. “The wet, heavy snow overloads the equipment and the equipment is used 24/7 until the snow is cleared,” said Emick. “AMSOIL products provide that extra peace of mind when we’re pushing our equipment to the edge. We’ve never had an engine fail in these instances.”

Reduced Maintenance and Repairs

“I was tired of crawling under trucks late at night to work on or replace an engine or tranny after everyone else went home,” said Emick. “AMSOIL synthetics helped me stop doing that.” Citing his company’s success with AMSOIL products, Emick encourages other professionals to convert their vehicles and equipment. “AMSOIL products are going to save you time and money by reducing maintenance and downtime, increasing production and extending your equipment life.”

Testimonial #6

The Jourdanton, Texas Police Department saves time and money with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil and Ea Oil Filters. “After researching and seeing the cost benefits of extended service intervals, the department switched its vehicles to AMSOIL motor oil, not only for the financial savings, but for the reduction of time officers had to spend out of service with their vehicles getting oil changes,” said Chief of Police Eric Kaiser. “As a public agency this results in savings to our taxpayers.” The Jourdanton police department started using AMSOIL Synthetic Signature Series OW-30 in 2007, along with Ea Filters. The small department set its oil-change intervals the same as the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. The (state department) did some extensive research and we follow the same schedule they do,” Kaiser said. “For seven years, we have been on a 20,000-mile oil change interval using AMSOIL motor oil and AMSOIL filters. During that time we have experienced zero oil related engine issues. Our experience has been equally successful in Ford Crown Victorias, Dodge Chargers and Chevy Tahoes. Thanks for making great products that police departments like ours can rely on. We look forward to using AMSOIL lubricants for many years to come.”

Testimonial #7

LandCare Innovations of Charlotte, N.C. prides itself on providing quality work at a reasonable price, offering its residential and commercial customers a full range of landscaping services that includes lawn care, irrigation systems, outdoor living areas, pools and ponds. Maintenance Manager Tim Wilson relies on AMSOIL products to minimize vehicle and equipment repairs and operating expenses. Prior to joining the LandCare Innovations team, Wilson worked for an auto dealership, where he acquired a strong background in truck and equipment maintenance. He saw firsthand the value of using AMSOIL products, and it’s something he carried forward to his position in the landscape business. “One of the major challenges in the landscape profession is keeping the equipment running,” said Wilson. “If there’s a failure, the job doesn’t get done. Then we have to rent equipment, which comes out of our profits. We have 90 employees using the machines and equipment, which includes everything from trimmers to dump trucks, and it’s essential to keep everything running.”

Zero-Turn Mowers

“Our zero-turn mowers are running day in and day out,” said Wilson. “They’re faced with severe-duty service five to six days a week for seven to eight hours nonstop. The premium lubrication qualities provided by AMSOIL products are essential, and we perform oil changes and grease points every 200 to 250 hours.”

Backpack Blowers

Wilson uses AMSOIL SABER® Professional and P.i.® in the company’s BR 600 Stihl* backpack blowers. “The blowers must run constantly at full power to maximize job efficiency,” said Wilson. “I’ve heard other landscape professionals complain about the operation of their twostroke equipment. We use SABER Professional at 80:1, and our equipment runs clean, with no carbon and no problems.”

Truck Fleet

As for the company’s fleet of gasoline- and diesel-powered trucks, Wilson uses AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil, Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) and Ea® Oil Filters. “We put these trucks through severe-duty service; they’re idling, they’re towing and hauling our equipment in dusty, dirty, hot conditions,” said Wilson. “Although we keep track of mileage, we always end up going past the service interval, and we have no mechanical problems. Extending the oil drain intervals to 10,000 miles, and beyond, saves valuable time. With conventional intervals, I’d be servicing trucks every day, and I don’t have time for that. We know AMSOIL Premium Synthetic Diesel Oil can go past 10,000 miles, and the oil analysis proves it. With AMSOIL products, we just don’t worry about our vehicles and equipment.” “AMSOIL products have saved our company lots of money. We’ve extended our oil drains from 5,000 to 10,000 miles, the Ea Oil Filters hold up longer and the Signature Series ATF has cleared up our problems with overheating transmissions. Needless to say, our company is sold on AMSOIL products.”



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