Chandler, Washington, D.C.

“I was at an event and someone gave me this water. I was really hung over and feeling really out of it, but within a very short period of time I started to feel energized and focused again. I was amazed.”

Michael, Westlake Village, CA

“After drinking ELEVATE on an empty stomach my mental clarity was on another level. After dealing with attention issues nearly my whole life, I felt so focused, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Isabel R., Henderson, NV

“I am usually exhausted chasing my kids during the weekend, but the Superwater has really helped me with my energy levels. I don’t like coffee bc I feel so dehydrated, this is way better.”

Aida M., Phoenix, AZ

“ELEVATE is the perfect product. I am feeling much better hydrated and feeling much stronger during the day. I believe my recovery in between workouts has improved as I am working out more with less muscle aches and strains.”

Gerald, Seattle, WA

“There is no going back to bottled water, this water is the end all be all for my family and I.”

Zack T., Phoenix, AZ

“I’m noticing a major reduction in joint pain, especially in my knees. Going up and down stairs is a lot less difficult these days – and I attribute that to this Superwater!”

Joe S., Chicago, IL

“I am in love with drinking this product. I’m not as tired as before, I am able to go to work and not be as tired as I would before. My overall energy and sleep has improved. It’s great, I feel better than before the product. Thank you.”

Samuel L., Studio City, CA

“Drinking ELEVATE has helped me with virtually every aspect of my life. Better mood, no more headaches, and improved hydration!”