Super Powered Beverages to ELEVATE Your Life

ELEVATE Functional Beverages are the purest, most concentrated hydrogen infused beverages ever created. Ultra-concentrated Hydrogen Infused Water, ELEVATE Functional Beverages are designed to give every cell in your body the ability to provide you with its highest performance, which allows you to live at your highest possible level. ELEVATE begins with pure natural glacier water from Iceland, then it is infused with medical grade hydrogen gas. No sugar, caffeine, or chemicals – only pure benefits from pure products.

Experience improvements in Energy, Endurance, Mood, Balance, Focus, Vitality, Recovery, Metabolism, Sleep, and Inflammation. ELEVATE functional beverages are infused with ultra-high levels of hydrogen gas (one of the building blocks of life itself) to supercharge every cell in your body so you can perform, and live, at your highest level.

Hydrogen is the building block of life. Scientific studies show that drinking water with elevated levels of hydrogen can result in improvements in General Wellness, Sports Performance, Energy, Recovery and Focus. ELEVATE Hydrogen Infused Beverages provide the highest concentration of Molecular Hydrogen than any product on the market today. With 3-5 ppm (Parts Per Million) of Molecular Hydrogen, that can equal up to 6X – 15X more than other brands. More H2 ppm equals more benefits.

Combine pristine spring & glacier water with the highest levels of Molecular Hydrogen Gas available today, powerful nutrients, Magnesium, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Gold, and Colloidal Platinum, a natural 9.5 Alkaline pH, and a -650 ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), and the results are most outstanding – ELEVATE Functional Fuel for your body


Hydrogen is essential to life and is in almost every molecule in living things. It is mainly in water and organic materials such as plants. Molecular Hydrogen (H2 – Hydrogen Gas) consists of two hydrogen atoms, is naturally occurring, and is the smallest molecule in the universe. It’s small size allows Hydrogen molecules to deliver it’s unique and powerful benefits to every single one of your body’s cells and tissues.

SUPERWATER+ Available Now!!

Experience the World’s First and Only SuperWater, upgraded. With the addition of Magnesium, Colloidal Silver, and Colloidal Gold working synergistically with the ultrainfused hydrogen gas, SuperWater+ is an absolute game-changer. SuperWater Plus


The finest water in the world, sourced from a 2,500 year old glacier on a remote island off the coast of Iceland. Infused with elevated levels of hydrogen gas and precious colloids, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. ELEVATE SuperWater Platinum is for those who demand the absolute best in every area of life. SuperWater Platinum

SUPERWATER Coming Soon!!

Pure water and hydrogen gas, ELEVATE water provides you with all the benefits of energy, focus, hydration, recovery, and stress drinks without any chemicals, sugar, or caffeine. The benefits are hard to believe until you experience them for yourself. Experience the H2 hype with the most potent hydrogen water ever. Superwater

PERFORMANCE+ Coming Soon!!

The World’s Only Super Performance Water, upgraded with magnesium, colloidal silver, and colloidal gold for optimal total body performance and recovery benefits. Performance Plus


Specifically formulated for elite athletes, Performance Platinum is for those who want to reach the apex of their game. We start with the world’s finest glacier water and use a complex and time-consuming 6-step process to produce the highest levels of hydrogen ever seen in a beverage, and we’ve added precious colloidal platinum to add to the benefits on and off the court. Only available as a yearly subscription. Performance Platinum


Upgrade every aspect of your performance, from your physical output, endurance, recovery, focus and more. A synergistic blend of powerful nutrients, supercharged by hydrogen, to boost yourself to the next level in anything you do – in the gym, on the court and field, or even in the boardroom. Performance